Glam Roll-Ups™ -Cosmetic Storage- Makeup Organizer- Small Space Storage

What are Glam Roll-Ups™?

Glam Roll-Ups™ are clear- sectioned all-purpose bags originally made for makeup junkies by a makeup junkie. Way more than makeup, use our organizers to store ear buds, chargers, spare change, vitamins, aromatic oils, tampons, lip liners, hair ties, tweezers, nail clippers, cuticle pushers, cotton swabs, floss-anything you wish to see instantly and store easily.

Built to last, all Glam Roll-Ups™ are 100% made with top quality materials. Our roll-ups have industrial grade clear vinyl on purpose. Flexible satin trim and stitch reinforcement, you will find that all Glam Roll-Ups™ come with a top and bottom zipper – which means you can add and retrieve your products with ease – and see all items instantly. Buy Glam Roll-Ups™ for your car, boat, train, plane, or anything you need to see at a glance!

Why Glam Roll-Ups™?

Saves time!

Having your cosmetic collections organized, you can access your favorites instantly, instead of rummaging through a drawer or messy bag, the Diva can roll up and out in seconds - locating the lippies you love has never been more convenient. The perfect red lipstick you think you didn't have? You own it.

Saves money!

Do you find yourself buying the same nail polish twice? Or buying a new nail polish only to find 3 or 4 in your collection which are basically the same color? The Smoochi holds 40 nail polishes, coordinating your nail polish by color, will assist you to see all the colors at a glance and avoid buying duplicates and or similar shades.

Saves Space!

Ideal for small spaces, Glam Roll-Ups ™, was created out of frustration due to the lack of space in a small bathroom. Our roll-ups are like packable shelves! Display nail polish, lipsticks, hair ties, tweezers, nail clippers, floss- whatever it is you wish to see instantly and store compactly!

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Superior Quality!

Industrial-grade vinyl and elastic

Reinforced stitching and quality zippers

High Quality

We ensure our products are made with the highest quality materials + technology

Made with love

Designed by a makeup junkie for
makeup junkies

Money Back Guarantee

We trust the quality of our products so much that we offer a 30-day money back guarantee

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