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"Perfectly stores my nail polish"

- M. Barks

Madera, California

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3 Pocket

Smallest Compact Storage

Ideal for Sm Purse/Pocket

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20 Pocket

Featured on QVC

Ideal for Lg Collections

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Diva/Mini Set

2 piece Set

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Ideal for Multi-Purpose

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Kayaker Roll-Up

Kayaker Roll-Up



My purse is finally organized!

D. Graham - Stratford, CT

The Mini is perfect for my biz cards, credit cards, and vaccine card, I love that this works with my small purse.

M. Days - Ft. Lauderdale, FL
J. Annunziato - Trumbull, CT

Best vitamin organizer, I can see when I'm getting low on my supplies.

C. Covert - Delray, FL

I’m a firefighter/paramedic and the EMS supply manager for my department. Your roll ups replaced an old system we had that was inefficient for managing the syringes and equipment needed for administering drugs to patients. They work for us based in part on the size of our drug bags we use in our ambulances

Shaun K. - Indiana, IN

"Love this item. I love the fact that there is a zipper on the top and bottom of the case. Makes it easy to access product. Shipped very fast very pleased with product."

C. Tonneson


Is the Kayaker and the Diva the same roll-up?

Yes, the Kayaker and the Diva are the same roll-up just merchandised differently on the website. Both the Kayer and the Diva are sold with a Mini Roll-Up.

Is the Kayaker waterproof?

The Kayaker is not waterproof.

Are the Weekender and Essential Oil Roll-Up the same?

Yes. The Weekender and the Essential Oil Roll-Up are the same just merchandised differently on the website.

How much is shipping?

What are Glam Roll-Ups?

Glam Roll-Ups are clear organizing/storage roll-ups (or 'roll-outs' depending on your preference) for cosmetics and so much more!!!

Use our Glam Roll-Ups for the vanity, medicine cabinet, office drawer, glove compartment, junk drawer, or for any case you've got too many small pesky items!!

Depending on how they are packed - Use 'em flat, rolled, or folded!

Built to last, all Glam Roll-Ups are 100% made with love which assures top quality of the final product and an ethical production process. All roll-ups are constructed with clear industrial grade vinyl, flexible satin trim and stitch reinforcement. You will find that all roll-ups come with a top and bottom zipper – which means you can add and retrieve your products with ease – and clearly see which items are stored in each compartment.  Consider Glam Roll-Ups for organizing/storage - home, car, kayak, or for anything you need to see at a glance.