Is this your makeup bag? A messy confusion of products?

What are Glam Roll-Ups?

Glam Roll-Ups are clear- sectioned cosmetic bags made for makeup junkies by a makeup junkie.  More than makeup, use our bags for items you wish to see instantly and store easily.

Built to last, all Glam Roll-Ups cosmetic bags are 100% made in USA – it assures the top quality of the final product and an ethical production process. Our bags use clear vinyl on purpose. Constructed with industrial grade vinyl, flexible satin trim and stitch reinforcement, you will find that all roll-ups come with a top and bottom zippers – which means you can retrieve your products with ease – and clearly see which items are stored in each compartment.  Consider Glam Roll-Ups for your car, boat, train, plane, or anything you need to see at a glance.

Superior Construction

Makeup junkies need a quality bag - something that can withstand serious glamourizing. 

  Why buy Glam Roll-Ups?

Such a time saver!

As a busy mom of three I love products that save me time, and this is one of those products! I used to waste time digging through my unorganized makeup bag trying to find a specific product. Now I can easily see all of my makeup at one time so that I can quickly find what I'm looking for. And I love that the bag has 2-way zippers on the top and bottom so that everything is easily accessible. The only thing that made me disappointed is that I didn't buy this sooner!


~Sarah T.

Love this product!! Perfect for keeping my eyeshadows and lipsticks organized. Has a sturdy, very luxurious feel and seems to be made from high quality material. Fast shipping to Europe. Thank you!


Smoochi nail

I love the smoochi nail bag!! When I received the bag I was amazed with the quality of the product - and the nice note from Sharon Lynn :) The plastic is so strong and the zippers are great. I bought this bag for my nail polishes but have so much space I added lip sticks/glosses hair bands and other make up. I will be buying another for my daughter. Just love the bag!!! Thank you!!

~Ann C.

Smoochi, I use it to store my son's Match Box Cars! 

~Terry M.

Very unusual and useful design. I can think of many uses for this bag. The item was shipped very quickly. Thank you

~Lisa N.

Lipstick Junkie Dream Roll

Not just for makeup...

Kayak, Gym, Purse, any reason or season you need to see everything instantly and store it with ease.