Glam Roll-Ups

Smoochi- Large Makeup Organizer Bag Lipsticks-Nail Polish Storage-Lip Gloss Storage- Makeup Storage- Small Space Containers

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The makeup bag organizer which started Glam Roll-Ups, our signature bag for nail polish storage, the Smoochi, the best rated nail polish storage which can easily store 40 nail polishes.  This clear makeup organizer also works best for large collections of lipstick storage, lip liner storage, lip gloss storage, and hair tie storage.  Streamline all large collections of cosmetics, and see them instantly. Coordinate lipsticks, nail polishes, lip glosses, lip liners, by color, formula, season, size, or brand. This portable makeup organizer is easy to store under or in a cabinet or on a shelf.   A durable and convenient two-way top and bottom zipper allows for easy input and take out enabling access right side up or upside down. Flat  measures    59" x 6".  Elastic enclosure.  Made in USA

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