Car Organizer Roll-Up- Car Dashboard Storage- Car Storage- Small Car Storage

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Is your stuff just loose in your  car console?  Do you find your vitamins are mixed in with your loose change and your lip balm is constantly rolling under your seat.  Put all the stuff away in the Car Organizer Roll-Up.  Clear vinyl compartments to store basic items like ear buds, gum, band aids, pens, toll money, cell chargers, and more also has tiny compartments for vitamins, aspirin, hair ties.  The Car Organizer is sectioned, keep your spare change apart from your gum and isolate your vitamins!  The Car Organizer rolls up compactly so it can fit in the dashboard or size pockets.  It as easy access with top and bottom 2 way zippers up side down or right side up; attached elastic enclosure to store compactly.  Made in USA.