Go Go - Nails, Barrette, Hair Tie "Thingy" Organizer- Hair Tie Storage- Barrette Storage

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Nails, Barrettes, Hair Ties.... Storing these items can be frustrating, most often lost in a drawer or vanity - stop the madness!   The Go Go Glam Roll-Up conveniently stores and opens instantly.  Perfect for a vanity, gym bag, purse, carry on, back pack and more.  This Go Go  has  3 separate compartments, large, medium and small which saves time in searching for your favorites.  It's perfect for smaller items like Band aids, cotton pads, Q-tips, aspirin, tweezers, or contact case, see it all at a glance. Great for the gym, work, vacations, school trips, day trips.  Two-way top and bottom zip enabling access right side up or upside down. Flat measures 15.5" x 7.5".  Elastic enclosure.  Made in USA.