Diva and Mini Glam Roll-Up Organizing and Storage Set

$ 38

Gain Valuable Purse Space

The Diva/Mini set, clear organizing /storage roll-up

The Diva- a 10 pocket clear pocket roll-up has 1 middle main pocket,  4 large longer pockets, 2 small pinch pockets and 3 extra petite pockets.

Great for Office, Kitchen, Car, Kayak!

Office - Say goodbye to loose items - pens, cords, highlighters, paper clips and more! 

Kitchen- Junk drawer no more!  Instantly see batteries, picture hooks, elastic bands, and more.

Glove Compartment- Organize and store insurance card, registration, sanitizer, masks, lip balm and more.

As See on QVC 


The Diva rolls up, can be folded over, or used flat depending on how it is filled.  Easy access with top and bottom 2-way zip enabling the bag to be upside down or right side up. Diva filled rolls to approximately a 7" diameter. Flat measures approximately 25"L x 7" W  Stretch elastic enclosure.  

The Mini, a 3-pocket clear roll-up. Instantly see and store lipsticks, lipstick/lipliner combos, essential oils, money, keys, ear buds, hair ties, tampons and more!  Three 3" pockets which rolls up to size of a little bigger than an index card; perfect to fit into pocket, small purse, vanity, lunch bag, gym bag. Easy access with top and bottom zippers enabling the bag to be upside down or right side up. The Mini can roll up or be used flat.  Flat measures 9.5" x 5.5".  Elastic enclosure.

*Items inside roll-ups are not included

Sets are 1 Diva 1 Mini 

 Available in black, leopard, and camouflage

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