What is a Glam Roll-Up?

Glam Roll-Ups are industrial-grade, clear, multi-functional compact storage bags.  Designed originally just for make-up.  Now Glam Roll-Ups have proven to provide innovative compact storage for items you wish to see instantly and store compactly.





Built to last, we construct our roll-ups with industrial grade vinyl, flexible satin trim, and stitch reinforcement.  For easy access, all our bags have top and bottom zippers allowing you to organize and retrieve your items with ease. Use the roll-ups flat or rolled, right side up or upside down, either way access is easy.  Our goal is to provide a clear, compact multi-functional compact storage solution not just for make up but for any items you wish to see instantly.  

Organize your bag  and SEE it all perfectly! No more rummaging!  

Not just for makeup! 

Here are some other ideas for usage: