Our Story


Welcome to Glam Roll-Ups!  Thank you for stopping by and taking time to visit! Lots of people ask how this all came about, and my story is sort of long but the abbreviated version I'll share....



What inspired me to start Glam Roll-Ups? It was created out of frustration and necessity. I am a self-confessed makeup junkie.   My collections of lipsticks and nail polishes became overwhelming.  I simply had a ton of colors, just my red lipstick shades were at least a dozen in itself!  I had to do something about my disorganized madness. I had at least 20 of my favorite lipsticks jammed into a jar and every time I wanted a particular shade I would have to dump out the whole jar and rummage through it. Another annoyance I kept buying lipsticks and glosses which were too similar to ones I already owned because I could not see all my shades.

This same dilemma happened with my nail polishes. My nail case looked like an Essie display jammed into a zip lock bag. I wanted to see all of my polish colors at a glance, so I could streamline and organize them by the season, mood, or formula.  An avid seamstress and former designer combined with living in a super small apartment with no space, I decided to make a "packable shelf" for my nail polish storage and lipstick storage.  What I developed was my first Glam Roll-Up.   The Smoochi holds 40+ regular size nail polishes and or 60 lipsticks.  It enables me to see all my colors instantly, and keeps me from buying colors I already have.   I love it and you will too, as NOW YOU CAN SEE IT!

A little bit of history...

If you have ever visited Connecticut Post Mall, you might have seen my makeover events. I used to organize these as part my label Teen2Queen. I know all about make-up products and hair treatments and I share my tips with the readers of Love To Know. Whether you have a dry hair, split ends or break outs, there’s a way to fix it. You can either find the best treatment on the market, or make your own – this way you can assure only natural ingredients go into your cosmetics.

Browse our full collection of Glam Roll-Ups online now and contact me if you had any questions about our products, my make-over services, beauty tips or anything else. Happy Shopping!

~Sharon Lynn