My Story - Founder and Creative Director


Welcome to Glam Roll-Ups!  Lots of people ask how this all came about, and my story is sort of long but here it is!  

What inspired me to start Glam Roll-Ups? It was created out of frustration and necessity. I am a self-confessed makeup junkie.   My collections of lipsticks and nail polishes became overwhelming.  I simply had a ton of colors, just my red lipstick shades were at least a dozen in itself!  I had to do something about my disorganized madness. I had at least 20 of my favorite lipsticks jammed into a jar and every time I wanted a particular shade I would have to dump out the whole jar and rummage through it. Another annoyance, I kept buying lipsticks and glosses which were too similar to ones I already owned because I could not see all my shades.

This same thing happened with my nail polishes. My nail polish collection looked like an Essie display jammed into a zip lock bag. Unable to view all of the polish colors at a glance, I was determined to streamline and organize each hue by the season, mood, or formula.  An avid seamstress and former designer combined with living in a super small apartment with no space (l mean small like 400 square feet); I decided to make a "packable shelf" for my nail polish storage and lipstick storage.  What I developed was my first Glam Roll-Up.   The Smoochi-Nail Polish/ Lipstick Organizer and Storage - holds 40+ regular size nail polishes and or 60 lipsticks.  It enables me to see all my colors instantly, keeps me from buying colors I already have, AND I can roll it out and roll it up to store in a compact space.  I loved my first creation so much I continued making other sizes to accommodate more of my things. I now have a collection of sizes which can be used not only for makeup but a variety of items.  Nothing is perfect, my roll-ups are a work in progress but I truly hope you find my creations helpful:)  

UPDATE******Featured on QVC we are excited to share that Glam Roll-Ups is featured on QVC! 

Back Story before Glam Roll-Ups!  Lots of years and lots of tears!!! This didn't happen overnight, I've been a serial entrepreneur for years. My first endeavor was an image consultant back in the early 90's.  Then years later I self-published a book, TEEN2QUEEN IN 3-5 MINUTES A CRASH COURSE ON MAKEUP, HAIR, AND NAILS.  If you have ever visited Connecticut Post Mall or Danbury Mall, you might have seen my makeover kiosks Teen2Queen and or maybe I did your eyelash extensions!? 

Current status!  Browse our full collection of Glam Roll-Ups online now and contact me if you had any questions about our products.

Thanks for reading my story!  Happy Shopping!