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Hello and welcome to Glam Roll-Ups! My name is Sharon Lynn, and I am a licensed cosmetologist based in Milford, Connecticut. I have been passionate about make-up and glamorous beauty products for as long as I can remember.

Makeover Mavin

If you have ever visited Connecticut Post Mall, you might have seen my makeover events. I used to organize these as part my label Teen2Queen. I know all about make-up products and hair treatments and I share my tips with the readers of Love To Know. Whether you have a dry hair, split ends or break outs, there’s a way to fix it. You can either find the best treatment on the market, or make your own – this way you can assure only natural ingredients go into your cosmetics.

Inspiration Behind Glam Roll-Ups

What inspired me to start Glam Roll-Ups? It was born out of frustration and necessity. I am a self-confessed Glam Girl – I love all the glamorous things – make-up, nail polish, hair products, and clothing - the whole shebang! But, I used to spend hours looking for the right products in my cosmetic bag, while getting covered with a face powder, blush and eye pencil in the process! What pushed me over the edge to finally do something about my own disorganized madness were my lipsticks. I had at least 20 of my favorites, jammed into a small jar and every time I wanted 'the one' to match an outfit, I ended up dumping the whole jar out to get 'the one' lipstick at the very bottom!

This same dilemma happened with my nail polishes. My nail bag looked like an Essie display jammed into a zip lock bag. I wanted to see all of my polish colors at a glance, so I could streamline and organize them by the season, mood, or formula.


Time Saving Make-Up Organizer

Keeping my make-up collection in glam roll-ups not only gives me a greater feel of control, but also saves me a lot of time and frustration in my daily routine – especially if I’m in a rush. Also, the fact that I travel on a regular basis with my work, means I can pack up my roll-up straight to my bag and simply un-roll it when needed and see everything at a glance.  It’s a wonderful solution!

Made in USA

All Glam Roll-Ups cosmetic bags are 100% made in USA – it assures the top quality of the final product and an ethical production process. They are built to last and are constructed with industrial grade vinyl, flexible satin trim and stitch reinforcement. On top of that you will find that all roll-ups come with a top and bottom zippers – which means you can retrieve your cosmetics with ease – and clearly see which items are stored in which compartment.

Browse our full collection of Glam Roll-Ups online now and contact me if you had any questions about our products, my make-over services, beauty tips or anything else. Happy Shopping!

Sharon Lynn


Glam Roll-Ups