The Best Color Lipstick Is the One You Own


If you’re like millions of women around the globe you love lipstick.  Owning more than one lipstick is not uncommon. Many of us self-professed “glam girls” can claim that lipsticks are an addictive habit.  If you’re one of us, read on!

A stroll through Nordstrom and a quick scan of the counters always ends with one more lipstick purchase. Surely this color will complete my already bursting collection.

Truth be told this scenario of impulsive lipstick spending is not uncommon for us “glam girls”.  The excitement of a new season or 'just because'  is always a reason to find the best “new” lipstick.

The fact is, you already own the best color lipstick you love, you just can’t freakin see it! It’s out of site and out of mind.  How do you store your lipstick?  A clunky acrylic display with most of your collection in a drawer? 

Instantly see all your lipsticks with a Smoochi Glam Roll-Up.  Get organized and sort out what you own add and retrieve your favorites in seconds.  After all, these color lipsticks are curated by you - in the fashion you desire- color, formula, brand, or season.

Imagine seeing and shopping for your must have colors in the comfort of your home with your Smoochi.   See, store, and start using the best color lipsticks you already own!


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