4 Top Tips for a Damage-Free Hair Care Routine

4 Top Tips for a Damage-Free Hair Care Routine

Shiny, smooth, healthy looking hair…. It’s easy if you know a few top tips that will take your hair from ordinary to extraordinary – after all, your hair is your #1 accessory, it can take you from ooh to ahh or blah to bam!  Some think it’s a matter of spending oodles and boodles on expensive products, others think it’s genetics- you either have great hair or you don’t, many believe it’s what salon and stylist that matter most.  Actually, all of these statements have some truth to having lovely locks, however, here are some super easy tips to keep in mind that can help you achieve hair happiness.

Tip #1, understand the nature of your hair type- here’s what I mean by this, have an honest talk with yourself and determine what is the best cut, color, and or budget you have to maintain the desired look. Damaged hair generally speaking is usually due to over processing the hair.  Over processing?  Yes, hair overkill which stresses the hair shaft to the point of breakage -  too many color changes, too much appliance damage, i.e. flat ironing; not nourishing the hair properly for the hair type i.e. curly hair tends to need much more moisture to keep the curls hydrated.  Most of all, using a shampoo which is not supplying the hair with enough moisture, can leave the hair dry, dull, and lifeless.

Tip #2, if you choose to color your hair, choose a color which you can MAINTAIN.  If you decide to go with red for example, reds are not the easiest color to keep in the hair shaft, they bleed, fade, and can look pink if not properly cared for.  Be prepared to visit some salon professional every 4 weeks for color maintenance.  To ensure beautiful color, a sulfate-free shampoo is recommended, consider using Goldwell Color Shampoo, or if your hair is extra thick, Goldwell Color Extra Rich Shampoo.  If you are platinum blonde, most likely your hair needs moisture and hydration, consider using an intense moisturizing shampoo like Joico Purple Balancing Shampoo.  Likewise, if you have curly hair, choose a product line like Deva Curl which specifically targets moisturizing different curl types – kinky, wavy, or unruly curls.

Tip #3, go with curly if you have curly, go with straight if you have straight!  What does this mean?  Over using flat irons, curling irons, and blow drying can stress the hair shaft out to breakage.  It’s much less work to allow the hair to do what it does naturally.  In today’s hair care market, there is a plethora of products to work with any hair type.  Styling aids to increase wave like Awapuhi Wild Ginger Texturing Sea Salt Spray which if your hair is wavy, a couple of pumps can increase volume and wave, so your tousled style screams sexy and sassy. Or if you have straighter hair but are in search of the end of static frizzy hair, consider Super Skinny Serum by Paul Mitchell.  Maybe the crown of your head is hardly happening?  Consider adding a volumizing spray like Big Sexy Hair Root Pump Plus.   Bad hair days are a thing of the past, there are absolutely so many formulas available to revamp, rework, and reveal a more sexy, shiny, fun, happening hair style.  These are available for you to experience rather than beating your hair into submission with overusing appliances.

Tip #4, washing your hair too much.  Do you realize washing your hair everyday cannot only strip it of essential moisture but if you color your hair and blow dry your hair, it will look like shredded wheat over time, dry as the Sahara.  Now you might be gym goer, a sweaty sleeper, or you work in a kitchen, but one of the best tips for low maintenance damage free hair?  Dry shampoo.  Dry shampoo enables you to go a couple extra days without having to wash and style your hair all over again.  My personal favorite, Moroccan Dry Shampoo for light tones is amazing!  Compared to other dry shampoos, I like this one the best as it has a super fine mist, and does not leave your hair chalky, but looking revived, full of volume, and smelling great. 

Lustrous locks, comes with learning the basics on how to take of your hair.  The better equipped you are knowing these tips, hopefully they will give you guidance and get you on track for terrific tresses.