Tired of Your Hair? 10 Ways to Switch It Up!

Tired of Your Hair? 10 Ways to Switch It Up!


Recently I’ve had several women, in a variety of ages admit they’re really bored of their hairstyle, and I’ve heard everything from “I want to dye my blonde hair black” or “Do they still make the sponge rollers?” Yes, they still make sponge rollers and they are still pink, but why hasn’t your stylist recommended a change?   I think all of us at one time or another get stuck in a mode where we want to change our hair and do something but WHAT?  Read on for a list of ideas which can take your hair from tiresome to terrific!

  1. Highlights- Adding highlights is such a great way to change things up, especially a “face framing of highlights”, it enhances with brightness around the face only. Going with a subtle, simple change like “face framing” highlights is easy to do with Splat Lightening Bleach Kit especially if you’re apprehensive to go permanent. For those who just want a temporary fix, try IGK Amaro Ombre Highlight Spray, a temporary hair color spray that will give you the perfect sun kissed highlights. Whatever you choose permanent or temporary, highlights are a wonderful way to illuminate your face.
  1. Low Lights- Too one-toned? Adding low lights, can enhance your hair with more depth and dimension, perhaps bringing out some color in your face or eyes.   For blondes, depositing some caramel and honey low lights can change a bolder blonde to a softer more relaxed style. For red maybe infusing some copper or rosy gold tones will change an ordinary red to a color which has a little more personality.  With any one-dimensional color, it’s best to stay in the same “family” of colors to give a more authentic look.
  1. Permanent Color -Up for a major change? Brown to Blonde?  Red to Brown? Gray?  Sometimes a complete color change is the only thing that can break us out of a rut.  Wella Color Charm Permanent Color has an array of hair shades in neutral, ash, gold, warm and red; their formula contains Liquifuse Technology for long-lasting color which is fade resistant as it ensures deep penetration, consistent and predictable colors, and excellent gray coverage.
  1. Temporary Color- Thinking about going red but afraid to take the plunge? Manic Panic Semi Permanent Infra Red color is such a great way to experiment without the commitment.  A beautiful and glorious mahogany color, this hue can be used to add gorgeous highlights to darker shades of hair or can be used for all over color. More than just red, Manic Panic has a rainbow of colors to choose from. This semi-permanent hair color is vegan and cruelty free and has no PPD, ammonia, peroxide and or parabens.  So, go ahead and go for red!
  1. Spray on Fantasy Colors - You see everyone walking around with these fun colors in their hair but the thought of walking into work with purple hair is probably not a good idea or maybe it’s your daughter who is begging for her hair to have pink tips and YIKES, too much for a 7-year-old… no worries, Style Edit Color Rush Temporary Color Spray Metallic Pink is the answer….it’s fun and washes out with your next shampoo, voila, color without commitment!
  1. Go Wavy- Have a little wave in your hair? Forget hot rollers it’s too much work!   Redken Fashion Waves O7 Sea Salt Spray is perfect for hair with a slight wave, it’s a light weight spray which enhances your natural wave and creates a tousled, fun, relaxed style.  Spray on to clean, damp, hair, scrunch and go!   
  1. Get a Hair Cut- Sometimes all we need is a couple of inches taken off in order to feel updated. A lob (a long bob) is super way to update long hair without a radical change.  What’s more lobs still give you the flexibility to pull it into a pony tail if you need a fast fix for running out the door.
  1. Hair Extensions- What’s better than instantly having long sexy hair, or a pony tail to die for? Hairdo 8pc Straight Extension Kit allows you to have long hair instantly!  This faux hair extension kit is available in a variety of hair tones and can definitely assist with the “in between” growing pains of achieving long hair.  Always wanted to have a thick long pony tail?  Hairdo also has a 23” Long Wave Wrap Around Pony that will give you length and volume you’ll love. 
  1. Go Curly- You’ve been straightening your curly hair for years… but did you know curls are back? If you have curly hair and straighten because of the frizz, chances are you’re using the wrong type of shampoo and conditioner for curly hair.  Curly hair needs special attention!  Curly hair requires curly hair products!  Deva Curl Low-Poo Original Mild Lather and Deva Curl One Condition Original cleans your scalp without stripping away natural oils your curls need.  You’ll be amazed the transformation your frizzy curly hair will make.  Forget straight and go curly!
  1. Get Bangs- Wearing your hair all one length can be boring, a side bang, or shag bang might be the anecdote to a long overdue hair update! Too anxious about the cut? Consider Hairdo Modern Fringe, this faux hair insert allows you to experiment! Trimmed to the eyelashes and angled down slightly at the temples, these bangs pack major attitude. It attaches with three pressure-sensitive clips and features a natural part in the crown that sweeps back for invisible blending. Be the bomb with bangs!

In the end, there are lots of ways to have fun with your hair.  Something as simple as changing your hair part can boost your style. Have a pronounced nose?  Consider a side part, your nose will appear smaller. This may be a subtle change that can absolutely recharge your look, and have you feeling fabulous.

When thinking about it, remember it’s just HAIR not the end of the world, some get caught up in the “what if’s” but a slight change can be all it takes to go from blah to ahhhhh, switch it up today!

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 Thank you!

-Sharon Lynn, Licensed Cosmetologist, Beauty Plus Salon