DIY Nail Junkie Gifts

DIY Nail Junkie Gifts


It’s amazing how much nail polish us women can collect and STILL we need to take a look at the latest and greatest collections from Essie, Zoya, and OPI.  Every season and for any reason it’s beige, blue, pink, or green hue…. Gotta get it!  Beyond the mani-pedi it’s necessary to buff, nip, and snip to keep your nails and toes in tip top condition.  Be sure to keep your implements at hand and your polishes on point with the proper tools and storage.  Spending time on your nails and toes boost your spirits and who knows, perhaps earn you a few bucks?  Read on for some primary products that will put your presents on a list of standouts.

Imagine soothing warm paraffin treatments in the comfort of your home with a Gigi Digital Paraffin Bath.  This oversized, commercial esthetician grade spa provides warm paraffin treatments which moisturizes for healthier looking and softer skin.  Paraffin has been noted to treat conditions like arthritis and fibromyalgia.  A wax treatment acts as a type of heat therapy increasing blood flow, relaxing muscles and reducing stiff joints.

This paraffin bath holds up to eight pounds of paraffin wax, allowing for full wrist and ankle coverage. Also featuring a precise digital temperature control, a see-through spill-resistant locking lid, and a removable slanted grid that provides a filtering system for sediment as well as an ergonomic foot rest. Internal dimensions: 7 ½” height x 14 ½” length x 8” width.

Love doing your own nails or maybe you know someone who might consider mani/pedi’s as a fun side hustle?  Think about investing in the Essie Gel Nail Polish 18 Piece Professional Kit.

Set Included in set: Fashion Crowd 12.5ml, Dance Class 12.5ml, Chili Pepper 12.5ml, Street Rocker 12.5ml, Super Good 12.5ml, On My Team 12.5ml, Break a Sweat - 12.5ml, Suggestive & Sultry - 12.5ml, Blizzard 12.5ml, Scavenger Hunt 12.5ml, Private Lessons 12.5ml, Puffer Up 12.5ml, Base Coat 12.5ml, Top Coat 12.5ml, Apricot Cuticle Oil 13.5ml, 2 x Gel Polish Remover 125ml, Prep & Finish Cleanser 125 l, Product Guide and Tutorial, Color Selection Wheel, New Service Tent Card, New Service Door Decal, Educational DVD ****Everything you need to get started doing a fabulous nails and toes that will last!

The most gorgeous mani’s and pedi’s start with the best implements.  Tweezerman Professional tools are the bedrock to any nail kit.  Starting with the Nail Clipper Set (4015-P), these are expertly designed stainless steel clippers which feature strong, sharp blades for trimming fingernails and toenails with precision.  Push back the cuticles with the Tweezerman Pushy Cuticle Pusher and say goodbye to ragged cuticles with the Rockhard Cuticle Nipper ½ Jaw precise for cuticles and hang nails.   Keep all these necessities in a Mini or Weekender Glam Roll-Up for compact storage in any vanity cabinet. 

Treat your hands and toes to a keratin-enriched treatment formulated with 100% vegetable active ingredients derived from renewable sources, Bodipure Keratin Gloves and Socks, are one-time treatments that can make any day feel like a mini spa.  Slip on these self-activating, keratin rich gloves and socks loaded with intensive fortifying emulsion to strengthen nails, moisturize hands and feet, soften cuticles and prepare nails for polish application.

Need more space for your nail polish?  After all, collections come and go, and most nail polish mavens have tons of polishes, consider a Glam Roll-Up Smoochi Nail Polish Storage Bag, designed with clear pvc, top and bottom 2-way zippers and holding up to 40 nail polishes, see all nail polish colors instantly and store them compactly. 

Whether it’s a stocking stuffer or a main gift, take your time and remember shopping with Beauty Plus Salon you’re purchasing quality salon products.  If you need more assistance, please reach out to us, we’ll do our best to assist in making this holiday season a simple and enjoyable one.