3 Easy Steps to Choosing the Correct Lipstick Color

3 Easy Steps to Choosing the Correct Lipstick Color

Drugstore and Cosmetic Counter "Safe" Lipstick Purchase

We've all been there, you're in a drugstore searching for a stellar shade of lipstick, everything looks good on the model but what about me? Perhaps you hit up the MAC counter or another trendy brand....   how do you know whether an employee is trying to make commission or does she REALLY think the shade of Rose Cream is the best shade for you.    

Three Easy Steps

Choosing a reliable lip color shade which you FEEL good about without a lot of guess work....  either in the drugstore or Macy's---- it's pretty easy! 

1.  Choose formula!  Matte, moisturizing, long lasting, glossy....

2.  Make sure you have a mirror close by!

3.  Hold lipstick up to your lip (make sure you don't have any existing lipstick on) and see if the color tones match your own natural color.  Are your lips more red?  Peach?  Mauve?   Lip tonality is easy to spot especially when holding a lipstick next to your lips. The lipstick should look like a more enhanced color of your own lip.   If it is a close match that's the one you pick!

******Sometimes holding more than lipstick up at the same time helps with the process of elimination.

Even if you do happen to choose the wrong shade, believe it or not, most retailers will take back a lipstick even though it's been used.  

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