Hard Water? Swimmer’s Hair? Dandruff?

Hard Water?  Swimmer’s Hair?  Dandruff?


Any of these challenges sound familiar?  Does your hair feel rough and dry even when it’s wet?  Does your color fade quickly and turn brassy?  You might be suffering from the effects of hard water, which can make your hair dull and lifeless.  Perhaps you’re enjoying the pool but your hair feels brittle, gummy, and is tangling easily, possibly you even notice a color change- your blonde hair might have a greenish cast, and or your dark hair looks even darker?  Battling dandruff? Maybe your scalp is itchy, flaky, and irritated?  These are common issues and discovering the right products to help sometimes can be long process of trial and error. For total hair and scalp wellness, read on about a Malibu C, a professional product line which focuses on an exclusive blend of natural antioxidants and ionic food-grade ingredients to bring back hair integrity.

What’s Different about Malibu C? 

For starters, this product line is 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and free of preservatives, parabens, sulfates, and gluten.  Their primary focus is perfecting hair wellness root to tip.  Working with this brand, I can honestly say their treatment packets are definitely worth trying!  More than packets, Malibu does offer a range of products from shampoos to skincare, but what’s nice is the ability to sample a product line!  I hate buying a whole bottle of anything, and here you can sample a solution with Malibu C “packets of wellness”.  These 5-gram packets are a patented vitamin crystal technology, literally a small packet of crystals can remedy challenges from hard water to swimmer’s hair.  Simple, just add water to the crystals and apply; read on for their other hair products to assist with common hair challenges like hard water, swimmer’s hair, and irritated scalp.

Hard Water

What does hard water mean?  The term “hard water” means water with high mineral content from the ground.  The effects of minerals on your hair can make it feel rough, dry, and often even look off color. When your hair is affected with hard water, it has a mineral coating on it and it makes shampoo, color, and anything else you do to your hair more compromised – it’s sort of like a wall preventing proper penetration.  Detox your hair with Hard Water Wellness by Malibu C.  What is does it do?  It draws out hard water mineral deposits and brings back hair normality. It immediately improves the look and feel of your hair.  Malibu C suggests you try the Hard Water Shampoo, Hard Water Conditioner, and Hard Water treatment but if you’re looking to experiment before making a huge investment, the Hard Water Wellness Crystal Treatment packets are great place to begin and can be used with your regular shampoo and conditioner.  Bring back the luster and go from dull to delightful with this treatment.

Swimmer’s Hair

You and the kids have taken the plunge more than once and you realize the chlorine and seashore can make your hair dry, gummy, and not so manageable.  Eliminate chlorine from the pool, spa, or ocean water by using the Swimmers Wellness Shampoo, Swimmers Wellness Conditioner, and Swimmers Wellness Treatment.  The Swimmer Wellness Shampoo and conditioner are sulfate-free and are formulated with multi-functional surfactant technology; both shampoo and conditioner protect hair from discoloration and damage from chlorine buildup of pool and spa chemicals.  In addition, there are natural UV inhibitors which protect and preserve color and shine.  It’s a winning combination for the swimmer.

Love your daily shampoo and conditioner? At least try the Swimmer’s Treatment packet as a 1x a week treatment, it draws out the chlorine build-up and restore softness; the swimmer’s treatment is formulated with a patented, nature-identical anti-oxidant vitamin complex which protects and preserves hair color as it’s a sulfate-free formula, it will bring your vibrant color back, add superior manageability, and shine. The Swimmers Treatment packets are effortless, just sprinkle in your palm, add water, and scrunch through hair, wait 5 minutes and rinse.  It’s easy to keep your hair healthy so dive in, the water is waiting!

Scalp Therapy

Did you know an itchy, dry, irritated scalp can actually become more inflamed from hard water? Even if hard water isn’t the source of your irritated scalp, a healthier looking scalp is achievable with Malibu Scalp Wellness Shampoo and Malibu Scalp Wellness Conditioner.  The 100% vegan formula has ingredients like antioxidant B5 which helps protect your hair from UV rays and also strengthens the inner cortex of the hair shaft for moisture retention, Allantoin which protects the scalp and prevents irritation and inflammation, and a Flax protein a new and superior plant protein that conditions while leaving hair smooth and silky. Even more, there are a healthy dose of rosemary and spearmint oils added which help prevent flaking and itching while offering a soothing fragrance experience. 

Maybe you’ve experimented with lots of scalp shampoos and haven’t any luck, consider trying the wellness packet Scalp Therapy, it improves appearance of the scalp, removes mineral build-up on the hair shaft, which by the way is essential, as mineral build up acts like a barrier making it harder for your shampoo and conditioner to penetrate the hair shaft plus soothes scalp irritation. Using the Scalp Wellness packets may be all you need to take your irritated scalp to a soothing sensation.

In the end, whether it’s hard water, swimmer’s hair, or scalp challenges, consider Malibu C, a range of 100% vegan, paraben, sulfate, gluten, and overall chemical free products to conquer your hair challenges.

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-Sharon Lynn, Licensed Cosmetologist, Beauty Plus Salon