Hairspray 101 - Top Tip for Finding What Will Work for You!

Hairspray 101 - Top Tip for Finding What Will Work for You!


Searching for the right hold of hairspray? You wanted a flexible hold but instead you’ve picked a spray which can withstand 100-mile winds. Perhaps you were seeking a firm hold and you’ve acquired a light hold and with half the bottle gone, your hair still looks like a limp noodle. Or maybe it’s volume that seems out of reach in your quest for the best spray? Developing the oomph seems impossible without weighing down the hair?  Did you know there are some tips that are completely obvious but actually often overlooked by buyers? 

Hair sprays are usually broken down into categories for usage.  The scale generally is from 1-5.  The lower the number the lighter the hold, the higher the number, the firmer. Keep this in mind!  If you require rock solid hair for hours- consider 4-5, or “extra hold” style sprays.

Lighter sprays aka flexible sprays provide a “brush through” hold, on the bottle it will show hold level 1, which is great if you want barely any hold and you’re not a huge fan of hairspray, Shaper by Sebastian has a wonderful fragrance and bare minimum hold, a crowd favorite, for it delivers the best bang for the buck.

There are some light to medium versions of this popular Shaper so if you like Shaper but require an inch more of grip, the Shaper Plus has more kick but still not too heavy, again the price per ounce makes it a popular choice.

For medium hold sprays, which generally are categorized by 2-3 strength level; these styling aids encourage more than hold and can be used at the root area for volume.  Kenra 25, has done an exceptional job at providing the maximum amount of volume and hold likely without looking stiff.  Shiny and natural, your hair will still have lift but also have reinforcement which sometimes is impossible to achieve.  Aerosol style sprays are generally more forgiving on holding hair in place than a pump spray but if you like a pump-style, Matrix Biolage Styling Finishing Spritz, will give you a medium hold to lift and lock your style into place.  An added bonus with the pump, it makes refilling small containers for travel easy.

 Are you still on a mission to find an extra hold spray which looks natural?  Consider trying sprays which say 4 or 5 on hold level, like Paul Mitchell’s Freeze and Shine Super Spray, great for shorter styles or Bed Head’s Hard Head, both will give lasting hold – without too much stickiness or “crunch” factor. 

With thousands of brands available, whatever style spray you seek, always take your time and scour the small print, as this will be a helping hand to hairspray heaven!