Haircare Heroes - Clarifying Shampoos

Haircare Heroes - Clarifying Shampoos


What is a clarifying shampoo?  Nitty-gritty-squeaky-clean, a clarifying shampoo thoroughly cleanses the hair eliminating oil, chemicals, and or hair product build-up.   It is essentially a deep cleaning for your hair.

When do you need one?  Basically, when your feels oily, dull, styling aids aren’t working well, and prior to any type of chemical service like perming, coloring, and or keratin treatments.  Also, if you’re a product junkie and or a workout fanatic, it’s best to give your hair a clarifying shampoo a couple of times a week to keep your hair and scalp from oil and product overload. There are lots of clarifying shampoos available but read on for a few tried and true clarifying formulas which can take you from gritty to gorgeous!

Normal or colored hair?  Paul Mitchell Shampoo Two is a deep, invigorating cleanser which contains wheat-derived conditioners to boost body and shine while cleansing agents purify oily hair and scalps for a refreshed look and feel. Color Safe. Paraben Free. Vegan.  If you’re a swimmer, consider Paul Mitchell Three, ideal to eradicate chlorine build-up. 

Blonde, Silver, or Gray?  More than just a clarifying shampoo, Kenra Professional Clarifying Shampoo, brightens highlighted, bleach, and or gray hair all while restoring your hair's natural radiance and shine.  A unique formula of extracts of grapefruit and witch hazel along with amino acid chelators eliminate dulling deposits and buildup. This shampoo also works well for swimmers and those in hard water areas. Color safe. Gentle for everyday use.

Super Oily?  One day of not washing and it’s a disaster?  Consider Milk Shake Normalizing Blend Shampoo which works best for greasy scalp.  A formula with active plant-based ingredients, essential oils, a balanced blend of non-aggressive surfactants that cleanse sebum and greasy residue deeply.

Curls Caving?  Good for all curl types, DevaCurl Buildup Buster can bring the spring back to your curls eliminating product residue and hard water minerals- all this but gentle enough to keep curls looking lovely.

Using clarifying shampoos not only purify the hair but they also assist with rejuvenating the scalp, a good cleanse can open up blocked pores, increase circulation, and give the hair shaft and scalp a “clean” start.  Which means any other products applied afterwards will not have to fight through bacteria or leftover styling aids.

So say bye bye to gunky, dull, lifeless hair to hello gorgeous- shiny, soft, and lovely locks!