Tips - Curly Hair Products, Fake Lashes, and More!

Tips - Curly Hair Products, Fake Lashes, and More!


Singing for Spring and by now perhaps you're ready to shine like the sun with some fresh tips to brighten your look. Hey why not give your lashes a boost or consider a few new products to bring out the natural wave or curls for your hair? 

How about stepping out to try some fake lashes? Your eyes will pop and it's a nice way of adding drama without a huge investment.  Having been in the beauty biz for ages, one of the common questions I get - how to apply fake eyelashes and how do you know which ones will look the best? Here's the scoop on getting it right without too much guesswork!   Purchase the Ardell lashes in #110  (best for all eye shapes) and the Ardell Clear or Dark glue for Strip lashes.  Wrap the lashes around a pencil to create curve for about a minute.  Apply glue to fake lash with Qtip, let it get tacky (30-40 seconds), and start from the outer corner by tacking down end of lash(this acts like an anchor so you have more control) then roll the rest of the lash over as close to the lash line as possible towards your nose.  Add mascara to natural lashes underneath then squeeze both fake and natural lashes together with your finger so they look like one lash. Note: first time applying lashes might be a bit frustrating but it does get easier, have patience!!

Curls are back and now that summer is on the way it might be a great time to find a curl product to take the blow dryer out of the equation.  Curl enhancing products can leave your hair feeling crunchy especially if you like to air dry.  Sometimes a product weighs the hair down or leaves the hair feeling waxy, although this might be good for some hair types i.e. coarse hair it might be too heavy for your hair type, (remember to read the find print, usually it will state on the label- for fine, medium, or coarse hair).  My quest for finding the right curl enhancing aid has been ongoing, and I'm always asking other curly girls and guys what products they use so here's a short list of some noteworthy products which are commonly mentioned and or I have had above average results. 

Twirl Around by Paul Mitchell

Curl Up by KMS

Curls Rock by TIGI

Curls Defining Cream by Moroccanoil

Tip: Combing or brushing hair after shower will open up the cuticle and cause the hair to frizz, try to pat dry and gently put hair in style with fingers, keeping curls in tact.

Whether you're 17 or 70 years old, we all need a change and or new recommendation which will possibly encourage us to wear our hair a new way, or strike out and be daring on a Saturday night with some faux lashes!  Give it a try!

If you like these tips, there are more to come!  I will be blogging about my tips and experiences encompassing beauty, interior decorating, floral design, and more, please feel free to pass this link on and or sign up on my website for blogging updates,  Make it a great day!