Flat to Fabulous - 3 "Must Have" Products for Flat Hair

Big Sexy Hair Powder Play styling aid to add incredible volume to root and crown area

Flat to Fabulous – 3 “Must Have” Products for Flat Hair

Do you constantly battle flat hair?   Possibly you have wavy hair but the crown area has no height?  Maybe your hair is too straight and needs more dimension?

There are numerous products available right? How does one choose? Here are 3 noteworthy styling aids to forego flat hair.

If you’re still on a quest and attempting to master fullness in the crown area, a product which was introduced to me several years ago is still my “go to” crown booster.  When I’m looking to achieve volume, which seems to appear only after day of not washing, I choose my secret weapon, a powder root booster.

When I first discovered, Big Sexy Hair Powder Play, I couldn’t believe I actually got through flat hair days without it.  It was different than anything else I had tried before. Unlike lots of styling aids which are applied to damp hair, powder root boosters are best to put on after your hair is completely dry. A white sandy style powder, it sprinkles out, the idea is, you lift sections of your hair where it’s flat, sprinkle underneath the section and rub into root area, and voila VOLUME! Warning, a little goes a long way!

Another product in my arsenal of fighting flat head?  Vavoom by Matrix, really… does the name not say it all?  Unbelievable this hair spray has the ability to take your hair to new heights quickly.  Its tall can is maybe a hint to how massive your mane can become with a few shots at the crown.   What I found with Vavoom Shape Maker, it isn’t essential that the hair is completely dry, it works best on dry hair but also enhances wave if used on slightly damp hair. What set this spray apart from other sprays?  It creates tremendous volume instantly.

What if your hair starts out with volume and then by the end of the day it’s flat?  A gym workout, or running through some rain, can take an ordinarily good hair day to lame locks in no time.  Seriously consider investing in a dry shampoo.  It doesn’t necessarily mean the hair requires to be washed but dry shampoo coats the hair strands and enables hair to look revived.  I call it a ‘lazy girl’s best friend’, as it can work as an alternative to washing without water but what’s more it’s ideal for increasing volume and dimension. Try it! Batiste Dry Shampoo available in different color tints - offers an affordable way to experiment without breaking the bank. 

Flat hair does not have to be!  With a variety of styling aids, combating crown flatness, livening up limp locks or refreshing rained on hair can be as easy as a sprinkle or spray!