Are You a Glammy Chick? Nail Bag looks like this?

Nail polish is everywhere! I cannot believe how much nail styles and colors have changed over the years. I remember if you had anything besides classic colors like red, pink, coral, or neutral, you were considered an outcast from society. Today, anything goes, including spiky stiletto-style filed nails which I think would be really super painful if you pick your nose but hey if you like it, go for it.  My nails are on the shorter side and I love the square look, going with the flow....the way they grow. The question I'm much money have you spent on nail polish this year?  And does your nail bag look like this?

I think I've purchased more nail polish than I have ever have this past year $75 and that is at cost (I work PT for beauty chain). I'm not sure if I'm obsessing over  this trend or what but I'm always on the look out for what's the next in color! I mean having 12 different shades of blue, ok, maybe a bit much..... and do you match your toes to your hands?  What is your feeling on gel? I think the concept is wonderful but it dries my nails out too much, and I love the flexibility of switching my nail colors like my underwear and with gel it's a drag to soak off. 

Whatever your color obsession or style, just do what feels good!


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