Does the Essie gelcouture nail polish really work?

Does the Essie gelcouture nail polish really work?

There have been so many new advances in nail polish over the last several years, it’s unbelievable!  If you’re like me, a bit nail polished obsessed, painting your nails is sort of like a part-time therapeutic job which means, candle lighting, wine, and some honest to goodness day dreaming in between coats of polish.  Truly, I can admit, I love this “me” time and the best part is, in comparison to a regular manicure (for natural nails) it basically boils down to pocket change to do my own manicure in the comfort of my kitchen.  So, with that being said I’m always in the market for trying new polishes especially if their claim is gel-like polish no lamp required and “up to 14 days of flawless color & shine”. 

As you can imagine, I must have quite a collection of polishes to choose from and the answer is YES, I do, but it didn’t stop me from adding some more!  It’s hard to resist seeing beautiful colors in pretty swirly bottles which kind of reminded me of twirling around in a skirt when I was a kid.

To start, the Essie gelcouture nail polish is only 2 steps, no base coat required.   The 2-step process requires the purchase of the color you’d like, and the second step requires the gel-like top coat.  The total investment is about $20 for both bottles ($10 each), which if it REALLY lasts, I think is a fair bargain.   The 42 colors available encompass neutrals, pastels, brights, and edgy darker tones.  I prefer a neutral color, as it goes with everything and if it’s truly going to stay on up to 14 days, it’s needs to be a complement to my wardrobe. 

At first, it was kind of weird not to be using a base coat, it says “only 2 steps”, well then, no base coat.  The enamel went on nice, smooth, nice brush, nothing to large or small, it did not completely cover my nail but it was only 1 coat, after my second coat of enamel it looked pretty good except for a few brush strokes s(not the best painter in the world) I could do without but overall nice.  I then proceeded with the ‘gel-like top coat’ and was very excited that it did, in fact, blur my brush strokes and add a nice gel finish look.  I did not need any gel lamp, and it was dry enough to touch in about 12 minutes. 

OK the big question, how does it wear?  Did it really last up to 2 weeks? I must tell you that I think it lasted more than 2 weeks, it probably lasted about 2 ½ weeks but at that point with minor chips.  Now truth be told……I don’t do dishes (that is what dishwashers are for), I have no kids, and I’m not cleaning houses.  The nail polish held up nicely, it was super easy to take off, AND it did not dry my nails out like the gel manicures at the salon.  Overall, I think it’s worth the $20 bucks, and actually once you buy the top coat then it’s only $10 for each additional color. So, the collection keeps growing, and I feel super organized with my Smoochi Glam Roll-Up, it holds 40 regular sized nail polishes in clear industrial grade vinyl – now I can see all my colors and make sure I don’t do any repeat buying and purchase only colors I don’t already own. 

My rating would be an “A” for awesome job Essie, well done, I’ll be back for more!