Crash Course on Hair Oil Styling Aids

Crash Course on Hair Oil Styling Aids


If you haven’t heard of Moroccan Oil yet, I will bring you up to speed about the craze of using hair oils.  Hair oil product styling aids have been popular for several years now.  The Moroccan Oil Professional Salon Brand spear-headed what would turn out to be a huge impact on the hair industry. Now every major hair brand has their own version of a hair oil styling aid; as hair oils have the ability to do amazing things to your hair.  If you’re thinking a greasy mess???  Nope! where’re talkin lovely locks which are smooth and sexy!

What are hair oil products? Hair oils are multi-tasking magical products that can do everything from smoothing, adding volume, calming too much volume, working on split ends, act as a soft styling aid and or a basic leave in conditioner, and or a heat protectant for hot appliances.  It all depends on what you need for your hair “issues”.   Keep in mind, hair oils are also used as ingredients in a multitude of other products i.e. shampoos, conditioners, and masques… in this article, we are talking about hair oils used as styling aids.

In deciding what hair oil product will be best for you, I often start with a person’s hair density.  How thick is each strand of your hair?  Is it as thick as a guitar string?  Or as thin as a thread?  You can purchase an oil which is a heavier oil and it could essentially weigh your hair down.  Or you can buy a light oil which might be too light and not be effective enough for your hair type.  The thicker the hair strand, the heavier oil that can be used.  The thinner the hair strand, keep the oils on the lighter side.

I find that the heavier oils like Sebastian Dark Oil, Marrakesh Oil, and or the Moroccan Oil are better for medium to thick hair densities.  A half dollar size dollop of any of these oils on damp hair working it mid-way down the hair shaft will eliminate frizz, calm waves, and overall give better manageability to your hair.  The silkiness of these oils helps smooth the cuticle shaft, making the hair shiny, smooth, and manageable.  Whether you air dry or blow dry, hair oils eliminate so much friction, it just translates into a I-just-left-the-salon-kinda-of style. Ironically you would think oil would weigh down the hair but it does quite the opposite it enhances the hair cuticle similar to moisturizer on the skin.

If your hair is fine to medium-fine I would consider the lighter style oils like Wella Oil Huile, or Milk Shake’s, Incredible Oil.  Both of these oils come in a spray pump which allows just a mist, just enough to coat the cuticle but not over power it, perfect for thin, fine, to medium fine hair.

What do you want the hair oil to do for you?  Eliminate frizz? Smooth ends?  Promote shine?  Tame unruliness?  Leave in condition?  The truth is most of the professional grade hair oils solve all of these issues.  It’s a matter of personal preferences- brand, scent, and price. Picking out any styling product is a gamble, I always like to mention, what works for one person may not work for another so it’s a bit of trial and error.

Where do you want to be in terms of price?  The cost of oils ranges just like cars, do you want the Volkswagen of hair oils?  Or do you want the Mercedes of hair oils?  Does buying the expensive oil get you better results?  Professional hair oils range from $18 to $60 -  some believe that a price can dictate how your hair will turn out.  In my opinion, it’s safe to say that, generally, professional grade hair oils which are sold in a professional salon environment will most likely give you better results than an inexpensive big box brand. Beyond that, what’s most important is how you feel using the product, again taking into consideration, smell, texture, condition of your hair and so forth.

The range available of hair oil styling aids has grown considerably and the choices are overwhelming, it may take some time to hone in on what it takes for your hair to respond as it really does depend on doing a little hair oil dabbling, hopefully having this knowledge will lead to hair oil happiness!