Convenient-Functional-Practical! The Diva

Convenient-Functional-Practical!  The Diva


Now You Can See It!

Attn: Lipstick Lovers She shops for lipsticks and lip liners as if it was a part time job?  She deserves the Weekender, here's an accessory bag that can coordinate her lipsticks with lip liners, leaving her lips luscious in less time!

Makeup bag a disaster?  Does it look like a war went off in her makeup bag? She'll love a fresh start for Spring with a Diva - imagine her face when she can avoid digging through a disorganized bag.

Car console looks crazy?  Clean her car and combine all the little things which clutter the console with a "Must Have" roll-up she'll love having her "stuff" sectioned -  instantly seeing spare change, lip balm, car charger, hair ties, first aid, and more!

Nuts over nail polish?  Nail polish perfection, a Smoochi will hold 40 regular size polishes, perfect for picking mani and pedi combinations!  Create a spa day for Mom and show her a new catalog of color with a nail polish organizer.

Kayak? Keep her sunscreen, lip balm, whistle, and snacks secure with a Kayaker.