3 Top Tips for Ardell Strip Lashes

3 Top Tips for Ardell Strip Lashes


Spring has sprung and summer is soon to settle in and the need for full face of makeup sometimes dwindles as it’s just too hot, more and more of us are looking for a quick fix and that means just a great lipstick, some bronzer, and false lashes. 

Having done lashes for years, worn, applied, and educated, I often get asked what’s the secret to applying false lashes.  The three big questions??? How do you know what length to buy, what glue, and is there a secret to applying and getting them to stay!?

In terms of the style of lash, it’s best to determine first, the size of your eyes this will give a gauge on what most likely will enhance your eye shape. 

3 Main Styles -  Choosing Best Lashes for Eye Shape
  1. If you have average shape eyes, Ardell 110 are natural, and essentially will look great on everyone, we’re talking from teen dance recitals to wedding days, you can’t really go wrong with this one.
  2. If you have almond shape eyes, choose the Ardell 120, these start out tapered and gradually get longer in the middle and towards the ends, giving more of a ‘cat eye’ accent.
  3. If you have round eyes, choose Ardell 105 or Ardell Wispies, these are fuller lash bands with staggered hairs.

** After choosing lashes, take them out gently pop them on your eyes for quick exam    saveto see if they are the right size, you may need to snip off a little extra at the ends.

Ardell Black or Ardell White Glue?

The glue is a matter of preference, if you apply the lashes correctly the glue really won’t show in either case.  If you’re a rookie at, looking to blend the lashes in with lots of liner, then opt for the black glue.  I like the white glue better as you can see it on the lash band before application, it dries clear.

What’s the trick to application?

Squeeze a dime size amount onto a tissue, using a Q-tip, apply the glue across lash band, wrap the lash band with glue, around a pencil or your finger (this gives a bending effect), wait 30 seconds until the glue is tacky.  Anchor down the end of the lash band to your eyelash and roll it forward toward your nose (if you can turn the lash up as your rolling, it will fall more in the ridge then on your eyelid)

After you apply the lashes then apply mascara to natural lash underneath, gently squeeze the natural lash to the false lash together with your finger like a sandwich, this will make the lashes look more blended.   If you care to, using a lash curler will give a more perky look to your lashes but it’s not necessary if you don’t have one.

Applying lashes for the first time may be a challenge but I assure you with these easy tips, it’s likely looking lovely will be as easy as 123.