3 Seriously Good Sunless Tanning Products!

3 Seriously Good Sunless Tanning Products!

The Summer here in CT has been less than stellar and even if you're not a beach bum, enjoying the outdoors of any sort does give a healthy glow that leaves you feeling revived like nobody's business.  Unfortunately with our long winters and our not so favorable summer start,  I've been on a quest to sample some seriously good sunless tanning products, and what I found was that I can get a beautiful tan in about 10 minutes or less - and save my skin at the same time!   Sunless tanners have developed and the days of looking like an oompa loopa are long gone.  These tanners give a beautiful natural glow, were easy to apply, and easy on my wallet!

For fear I would look like a hot streaky mess in spreading bronzer all over my body, I opted for L'Oréal's Tanning Towelettes.  The box which runs anywhere from $9-$12, and can be found at any drugstore chain, has 6 individually packaged towelettes, each folded like a huge wet wipe.  Basically you apply the wipe to your body and unfold the wipe by section as needed.  Very easy except applying to your back side- you may need some assistance there.   Within about 5-10 minutes I had color.  I wanted to be a bit darker..... in achieving this- I used a new towelette everyday.  I found 3 days worth of towelettes gets a nice "base", even, not streaky, loved it.  The down side from this sunless tanner, if you don't choose to do your whole body, you may waste your towelette.

In search for another alternative to the towelettes, I decided to try Jergens Instant Sun Tanning Mousse.   Reasonably priced around $13,  it can be found at most drugstore chains or Ulta.  It claims to provide natural looking color instantly and it DOES!  Initially I was a bit freaked out about applying bronzer as I wasn't sure I would be neat about it, this formula was light and mousse-like and spread easily.  If I missed a spot or two it wasn't obvious.  It comes in two different colors dark bronze and light bronze but I bought the only one available at the time which was light bronze.  I found that if I wanted to go darker, like the towelettes, you need to apply everyday to achieve the desired color.  The best part it dried in less than 3 minutes and the color was beautiful.

For your face, it's a common complaint about self tanners, especially when applied and it dries, it's too orange!  This self tanner for your face stands out,  as it looks natural -  Almay Healthy Glow Makeup and Self Tan. Reasonably priced at around $13 it can be found in most drugstore chains.  Available in three shades, light, med, and dark.   It's a foundation product but doubles as a self tanner!  What's nice about this product as it gives coverage for subtle imperfections while you're working on getting the glow you're looking for - also offers SPF 20. A clever combination - foundation + self tan =  Even tan on your face, brilliant! 

The days of summer come and go so why not keep your summer glow? Keep your skin soft and subtle and skip the harsh rays- with products like these they are sure to please.

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