Top 3 Reasons to Shop

Top 3 Reasons to Shop

Why Etsy?

Shopping for unique handcrafted items can be a challenge!  Generic looking gifts and clothes are here to stay, the chain stores have basically replaced cool little boutiques where one-of-kind pieces are most desirable for discerning buyers.  Thank goodness for the internet where artists from every continent can hawk their goods and enable consumers to enjoy looking for really cool stuff.

I discovered a couple of years ago, basically it's like a massive virtual mall with stores  from around the globe.  Seriously there are zillions of artists, from Egypt to Timbuctoo with beautiful curated shops peddling everything from custom couture style wedding dresses to personalized Birthday cakes for your cat.  Personally I love the clothing stores from Thailand where I can find cool bohemian style wears at a fraction of the price of what I'd pay at a retailer in the states. 

With the holidays rapidly approaching,  I thought it would be cool to let you know about Etsy and 3 top reasons for your shopping consideration.

1.  Selection - thousands of vendors to choose from hundreds of categories i.e. makeup organizers to cat stationary.

2.  Price - The shops sell direct to you, there is no "middle man", making the cost of goods super reasonable to buy.

3.  Custom Orders - Great source for personalized gifts, tailor-made clothes, home goods, and more....

Get ready to be glued to your phone, this site has def exceeded my expectations and I'm sure it will for you too.

Happy Shopping!