Makeup Bag a Mess? 3 Reasons to Organize Your Makeup Bag

Makeup Bag a Mess?  3 Reasons to Organize Your Makeup Bag

Part of looking good and feeling great is organization right?  I mean we can find ourselves wearing the same eyeshadows,  lipsticks, and nail polishes if we don't take some time to switch it up and coordinate something extraordinary.  Time is crucial, and a lot of us, just go with what we know "works", or "looks good" and call it a day.   But, what if you had a little bit of organization that will assist in looking even better?  If you're a glam girl, and a bit impulsive (I know I am) everyday, special occasion, or a season change, inspires us to go off scrambling for a new lipstick, or the latest nail polish color craze.   Truthfully?  If you're a makeup junkie,  you most likely own something you think you need but you just can't SEE it.  Here are 3 reasons to avoid the scramble and organize your makeup. 

1. Saves time!  Having your cosmetic collections organized, you can access your favorites instantly, instead of rummaging through a drawer or messy bag, the Diva can roll up and out in seconds - locating the lippies you love has never been more convenient.  The perfect red  lipstick you think you didn't have?  You own it.

2.  Saves money!  Do you find yourself buying the same nail polish twice?  Or buying a new nail polish only to find 3 or 4 in your collection which are basically the same color?  The Smoochi holds 40 nail polishes, coordinating your nail polish by color, will assist you to see all the colors at a glance and avoid buying duplicates and or similar shades. 

3. Keeps the cosmetics fresh and updated.  Do you know cosmetics have a shelf life?  Organizing your cosmetics keeps them fresh and updated.  Most cosmetics have a shelf life which is 6 months - 1 year.  Mascara only 3 months, and it needs to be thrown out, the bacteria can build up and cause an infection.  My advice keep what is being used, everything older than a year, you should probably purge.   

Now that you are aware of the benefits, enjoy the process of streamlining and start the New Year looking and feeling your best, sort out the old, and organize the new!