Launching Glam Roll-Ups

Launching Glam Roll-Ups

I'm new here!  My name is Sharon Lynn, born and raised in Connecticut, USA.  I'm a Mom of two large felines, Pierre and Fifi  (aka as PP and Fifalicious).  I'm not married but I'm in a committed relationship with a fabulous guy. We live by the shore in CT and also in South Philly where everyone eats lots of cheese steaks and cannoli.

My journey hasn't been easy leading me up to this launch but has taught me valuable lessons which came from heart crushing blows of the highs and lows of entrepreneurship. Without boring you with the details,here are some tidbits of advice hopefully you can take away. I will tell you from my heart to follow what inspires (inspire means 'in spirit') you. In general, through life, do what comes to you naturally don't force something that seems like an uphill battle. Avoid what others think you should do or their commentary especially if you believe your idea has merit. Don't be a know-it-all, know what you don't know and seek people who speak from an experience, you can learn so much by LISTENING. If you try an idea and all you get is a road block after road block, it might be the wrong idea for you. Try to keep in mind, disappointment is not the "right" appointment for you; don't let it ruin your life; just pick yourself up and try something else, tenacity and determination is key.

My background has so many facets, I will try to make this brief as I know you need to eat and sleep. Started out going to business school to be a secretary- I hated that, BORING, I felt brain washed, I attended mostly because my parents said it was a good money maker... I then went to University for Fashion Merchandising - loved it but retail is a drag and you find yourself living at your job more than your house. Worked in a family business doing interior lighting design for many years which was glamorous and creative but I still felt as though I wasn't really doing what I loved, which was all things glamorous! How do you explain that when you're looking for a job?

Next, I had a calling from God to go to cosmetology school which was like playing with Barbie heads every night for two years but oh well, now I can cut hair and apply makeup professionally yahoo... NOT.  From there, I ended up writing a book (took forever to get a literary agent),  which I eventually self-published, Teen2Queen in 3-5 Minutes, A Crash Course on Makeup, Hair, and Nails.

Shortly after that,  I owned a kiosk in a mall for few years doing professional makeup applications, selling my own line of cosmetics and brushes, and applying lash clusters to passing customers for a small fee of $30. I was working crazy hours and basically killing myself to make a minimum wage and pay my rent (lots of aggravation and malls are greedy). Moving ahead, I finally closed the kiosk and then became a certified  independent eyelash specialist - yes eyelash extensions are a big deal and lots of people want them. Then one day out of pure frustration, I had an idea, and Glam Roll-Ups was born.

Now I'm here,  I hope you take this journey with me, thanks for reading.