Looking for Bridesmaid Gifts?

Looking for Bridesmaid Gifts?

Affordable Gift

Bridesmaid gifts are always tricky.  A variety of personalities, what can you purchase that won't break the bank and please everyone?  I think most of us can agree, that jewelry although lovely, not all have the same style.  Searching for the ideal Bridemaid gift doesn't have to be a chore.  If you are seeking something that is practical, memorable, and affordable, read on!

If you're giving a gift which multiple women will receive, and they might be a variety of ages, think about what is the common denominator of all these individuals? 


Organization and storage is usually on the radar of women of all ages.  Most of us likely have a bag, drawer, or glove compartment with a bunch of stuff.  Perhaps it's a purse?  A kitchen drawer?  An office drawer?  A dresser drawer or bathroom vanity?  Conquer the chaos with Glam Roll-Ups Diva/Mini  Organizing and Storage Set.  An inexpensive Bridesmaid gift which retails for under $40.  

Any Age

Bridemaid Gift sets should save time!  These affordable Bridemaid gifts sets can streamline and organize all different age groups, saving time, money, and allowing your peeps to concentrate on what's important and not all their disorganized stuff!"

Practical, the Glam Roll-Ups assist makeup mavens from a messy makeup bag.  The sister or bestfriends?  Examine their car for some organizing, bathroom vanity, or home office?  Even the flower girl can keep her crayons, Barbie clothes, and stickers simply stashed.

Samples to Attach a Note from the Bride....

"The difference is clear, you made my day very special, love______"

"Clearly you are important to me, I love you!"

"Let the good times roll, thank you for being a part of my special day."

"Brides "maid" - thank you for putting up with my sh-t, now go organize yours"

In the end, don't stress too much on getting gifts, just give some time to selecting something useful.