Makeup Bag- Makeup Organizer- Nail Polish Storage- Nail Polish Organizer- Gifts for Her-Mom Gifts

Makeup Bag- Makeup Organizer- Nail Polish Storage- Nail Polish Organizer- Gifts for Her-Mom Gifts

Attention Makeup Mavens!   How do you store your lipsticks- in a bag, or a clunky acrylic display which takes over your vanity? Nail polishes in clear bins under your bed?   Is your vanity drawer a mixed match of miscellaneous brands?  Read on for 3 cosmetic storage solutions for small space living.  

Nail Polishes and lipsticks are like chips and cats, you can't just have one.  My collection of polishes which I kept in a monstrous glass jar looked pretty but was a mass confusion of Spring, Winter, and Fall colors.  In the same way, my lipsticks an array of inexpensive to expensive brands tossed together in another jar.  Now in as much as it looked cool it was not practical.  I was dumping out the jar every time I changed lipstick or polish.  I wanted to some how display and store my collections without taking up wall space.  So together with design know-how and sewing skills I formulated a bag which I was able to see all my collections instantly but still be stored compactly in a small cabinet.  The Smoochi nail organizer/storage bag was born.  Convenient  I can roll it up and store it under a sink or in the fridge.  I save time looking for different hues and a ton of money from buying duplicate colors. The Smoochi Nail Polish and Lipstick storage bag has top and bottom zippers for easy access to put in or take out items. 

My makeup bag was gross.  Trying to find a hair tie while digging around a mountain of powder covered and shadow laden makeup, oh yes, I finally found my band, in the farthest corner of my bag gray from filth, hair, and pencil shavings.   The Diva Make-Up Organizer has space for compacts, blush, brushes, and even tiny spaces for the hair ties you can never find.  The Diva is big enough for an average makeup junkie but small enough to carry in your purse.  If you don't like carrying your makeup?  The Diva Makeup Organizer bag rolls up for compact storage but rolls out to see everything instantly.


Lipstick queen?  If there is any cosmetic I can't live without, it's lipstick.  Lipstick completes a face like nothing else.  Lipstick queens love their lipliners and the Weekender Makeup Organizer combines your essential lip combos so you can instantly see them.  No more rummaging around to put your faves together, this 5 pouch bag can hold 10 lipstick combinations with matching liners.  A lipstick queen's dream makeup organizer.

These makeup bag organizer/storage bags can keep you straight, save you time, and save you money.  Streamline beauty chaos with a Glam Roll-Up today.